I was a weird kid.

I loved long trips in the car…loved them. Most kids hound, “Are we there yet?” and my mom would turn to find me engrossed in a stack of area attractions brochures. I’d get lost in them…studying the design, photos and type choices. When I wasn’t collecting the latest versions from ‘Ghost Town in the Sky’ or ‘Six Flags’, I’d be sketching the roller coasters I’d hope they would someday build.

Maybe it was this passion that gave me an early love of design…

Or…it could have been working with my Dad on his cookie route each summer that gave me my first taste of marketing and design. He taught me how to attract attention to his displays with a sheet of poster board, a handful of markers and a clever headline. He gave me my first lessons in hand lettering and three dimensional perspective.

I started Graphic Arts courses as a Junior in High School and designed all of the promotions for the theatre productions I took part in. I received my BA in Theatre and my BFA in Design from the University of Tennessee and moved to New York to be a Freelance Designer/Actor. When Design put more food on the table than acting, I accepted a full time position with Bravo Media where I had a chance to work as an Art Director and develop my skills in design and promotional copywriting. After several jobs in various roles in design, direction, writing and marketing, I moved to Los Angeles in 2008. I’ve heard it said that LA is a town that rewards you for digging deeper, and I can’t get enough.

I’m happy to be home.

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